common dog behavior issues and how to treat them

Although most dog owners are familiar with common dog behavior problems, many issues still remain misunderstood and mistreated. Understanding why common dog behavior problems occur is the first step to solving and preventing them. Here you can find out more about the common behaviors and habits of our canine friends' and how to address them to help you and your pup. With patience and dedication, you can make you and your furry best friend’s life happier, calmer and healthier.

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Barking is how dogs communicate their intentions. There are many reasons why dogs bark, and each type of bark serves a distinct function so it’s very important to identify why your dog is barking before you seek treatment. But if your dog’s barking becomes problematic, there are certain things you can do. First, make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise so all that built-up energy isn’t spent on barking. If your dog is outside, bring him in once in a while to play. A bored and lonely dog is more likely to bark and seek attention. You could also try teaching your dog when to bark and when to be quiet. Start with the speak/quiet command – rewarding your dog when he/she is quiet or alternately, hand a reward when they bark after giving the command “speak”. Remember, don’t punish or yell at your dog but reward them for doing good and you’ll be rewarded with a well-behaved and happy dog.

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As one of the most common behavior problems in dogs, destructive chewing can truly be frustrating. To keep your dogs away from your designer shoes, try experimenting with various chewable dog toys. Toys with compartments for food are especially beneficial, but the more toys, the better. By having lots of fun and interesting toys available for your dog to chew on, it’ll be much easier to stop destructive chewing. It’s also a good idea to keep your valuables or forbidden objects out of reach. Also, deny access to some areas until your dog gets used to chewing only on his toys. It’s important not to punish your dog for destructive chewing, otherwise you are just making it worse by increasing the level anxiety and stress of your dog. Be patient, positive and consistent, but never aggressive.

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Jumping on people

Excited and overly cheerful dogs and puppies may jump up when greeting people, but for some dogs, jumping could also be an expression of dominance and aggression. A jumping dog could also potentially be dangerous for small children. But luckily, you can train a dog to stop jumping relatively simply. First thing you could do is withhold attention. If your dog jumps on you, simply turn away and ignore your dog. Refrain from making eye contact, speaking, or touching your dog, then, calmly reward him when he relaxes and remains still. Another useful thing you can try is teaching your dog to sit on command. When your dog is on all fours, give him the command “sit” and reward him with a treat as soon as he starts sitting down. Practice makes perfect.

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Some breeds are more prone to digging than others, but digging is a matter of instinct for all dogs. There are many reasons why dogs dig, including; anxiety or fear, instinct to hunt or simply boredom. Try to determine the reason why your dog is digging and then work to treat the cause. You can start by simply spending more time with your dog exercising and playing. Burning off excess energy will keep your dog busy and away from digging. Another thing you can do is to try not to leave your dog outside when you’re away. If you can, let your dog outside only when you’re there to supervise. If nothing helps, you might want to think about providing a designated spot for digging, such as a sandbox or spot in the yard where it’s ok to dig.

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